Hello! I’m Chella.

Here’s my Doctor Who bingo set for Time of the Doctor: TIME OF THE BINGO

and for those bingeing on the Christmas BBC America marathon, here’s the Day of the Doctor set again: DAY OF THE BINGO

Here’s a third-person bio for people who like that sort of thing:

Chella Quint is a public engager, comedy writer, performer, artist, educator, and old school zine girl from Brooklyn, New York who now lives in Sheffield, England. A lot of her education and engagement work is in human rights and social justice,  conflict resolution, science communication, health promotion and media literacy. She is the Sheffield Docfest 2013 Specialist Factual New Talent Pitch winner (and is making a short film about menstruation with Mandrake Films and the Open University) and she is currently completing a Master’s Degree in Education focusing on changing attitudes to menstruation in secondary education. Her dissertation is entitled Period Positive, and her research has an accompanying campaign and website in development (check back soon for updates), and download a STAINS™ stain in the meantime!

Here’s the bit where I tell you all the stuff I’ve been up to and link to it.  My mom finds it helpful.  Hi, Mom! I’m most well known for my adbusting comedy fanzine Adventures in Menstruating (and did a TEDx talk about it), and I’ve just started my new voluntary role as editor of the F Word blog’s new Comedy Section.  I performed comic poetry about outer space in Other Voices in the first ever spoken word category at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the summer of 2012, did it again this past summer, and perform stand up and compere at comedy and spoken word shows, mostly in the north, including the UK Women in Comedy Festival and the Manchester Science Festival (but sometimes I go down south for cool things like Science Showoff and Josie Long’s Lost Treasures of the Black Heart because they are lovely).  I did a few other guest spots at the Fringe in both 2012 and 2013, including Crunch the News and Domestic Science (which had a lovely 4 star review and in which I was called a ‘clever comic’ — woohoo!) and I would love to do a full show next year. Sometimes I contribute geeky facts and pop culture commentary to the Talk About the Passion podcast and blog, write about the outrageous lack of support for public services in Now Then Magazine and I’m a UK corespondent for the  Ms. Magazine blog.  I’m such a big fan of outer space that I’ve written a fanzine and done a podcast about it, which was featured  along with the National Museum of Scotland’s Object of the Month for my 1913 Exhibition project, and have started up a touring night for funny space ladies called Comedy In Space. In June I created a zine and an installation for the Hidden Perspectives festival to benefit SAYiT and in July I helped explain the universe at The Universe Explained. I’ve been on a couple of new podcasts recently. You can hear me fail miserably in the World Science Festival edition of NPR’s Ask Me Another. This is one of my favourite shows and it was loads of fun doing that segment.  I talk nonsense for a lot longer (this time about spoken word and chapbooks vs. zines) on episode 3 of the brand new Fun With Egos podcast. Speaking of zines and poems, back in March, I co-hosted the 2013 Sheffield Zine Fest (which had really nice reviews like this one) and you can watch a little film about it! In earlier zine news, I presented at the Fanzine Forum for World Event Young Artists as part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad, contributed a poem and a stencil to English PEN’s Catechism: Poems for Pussy Riot and illustrated educational posters for the latest installment of  Shape and Situate.  I was  one of the poets featured in the (recently very positively reviewed!)  Binders Full of Women(‘s Poetry).  I’m also a proud member of the Sheffield Hallam University Improv Comedy Society, and co-captain of the Varsity Slam team. There’s some video of the first varsity slam here in round 1 and round 2 (my round two poem is a bit naughty). My Pecha Kucha talk is here, and you can check out my comedy song stylings and advice about zines and the DIY scene in a short documentary film about the Outspoken Showcase here. My zine covers, art and design work have been exhibited at The Big Red Door and The Forest Cafe, Edinburgh; Site Gallery, APG Works, and Access Space, Sheffield; Wharf Chambers, Leeds;  Space Station 65, London;  and Bluestockings and New Stand, New York. Last year, my comic essay, Getting Civilized, was published in the book Here Come the Brides!: Reflections on Lesbian Love and Marriage (Seal Press, March 2012). Some of my projects have their own blogs. You can follow the blog links below for more details about each one. The 1913 Exhibition Project: A personal project in which I curate a collection of things that were cool a century ago, in honour of what would have been my grandma’s 100th birthday. Adventures in Menstruating: A comedy zine, blog, and live sketch show about the foibles of feminine hygiene advertising. Coming soon: an all ages umbrella project including my research called Period Positive. It’s Not You. I Just Need Space. (Interplanetary Letters of Love and Rejection):  A live show and tumblr based on my full-colour comedy print zine of the same title. Now also in handy podcast size. The Venns: A quest for the perfect pub quiz.  I presented my findings, PhD style, at a conference at the highly memorable 2012 Leicester Comedy Festival.

  • chellaquint@gmail.com

    Chella Quint
  • Recent and upcoming appearances:

    Tea and Tarts WI meeting, 6 February, Huddersfield


    Speak Easy for the Holidays, Hallam Hubs, 17 December, Sheffield

    Wonders of the Humour-verse SHU Improv Xmas Show, Hallam Hubs, 11 December, Sheffield

    SAYiT Festive Meal and Fundraiser, Scotia Works, 6 December, Sheffield

    Museums Showoff, The Black Heart, 2 December, London

    Queer Zinefest London, Space Station 65, 1 December, London

    Red Ribbon Party for World AIDS Day, DCAS, 29 November, Chesterfield

    Speak Easy Inspiration, Hallam Hubs, 27 November, Sheffield

    Cultural Varsity Slam and Improv, Sheffield University Student Union, 24 November, Sheffield

    Word Bank, Schloss Neuschweinsteiger, Neuköln, 14 November, Berlin

    Science Show Off, Manchester Science Festival, MOSI, 25 October, Manchester

    Comedy in Space!, Women in Comedy Festival, The Lass O'Gowrie, 11 October, Manchester

    Kate McCabe presents: American All-Stars, Women in Comedy Festival, The King's Arms, 8 October, Manchester

    Amuse Bouche, Women in Comedy Festival, The Black Lion, 8 October, Manchester

    Adventures in Menstruating, Women in Comedy Festival, Taurus Bar, 3 October, Manchester

    Speak Easy's Freak Out Easy, Rutland Arms, 18 September, Sheffield

    Ladiyfest Sheffield Presents Carol Robson + Chella Quint + Sarah Thomasin, The Harland Cafe, 13 September, Sheffield

    Space Showoff, Bloomsbury Theatre, 12 September, London

    Josie Long presents: Lost Treasures of the Black Heart, 11 September, London

    Comedy Unplugged: Improvised Shakespeare, Fuel, 8 September, Manchester

    Various short sets in friends' comedy and spoken word shows at the PBH Free Fringe, 6 - 13 and 22 - 23, August, Edinburgh:

    23 August: Domestic Science, 12:05, Canon's Gait, The Anti Slam, 7:30, Banshee Labyrinth

    22 August: Crunch the News, 12:05, Cabaret Voltaire

    6, 8, 10, 11, 13 August: Other Voices Spoken Word Cabaret, 2:50, Banshee Labyrinth

    6 August: An Evening With Samantha, 7:45, The Street

    9 August: Forget What You've Heard About Spoken Word, 8 pm, Cowgatehead

    10 August: Domestic Science, 12:05, Canon's Gait, The Anti Slam, 7:30, Banshee Labyrinth

    12 August: Crunch the News, 12:05, Cabaret Voltaire

    Activism Through Zines at Art and Activism, Ladyfest Leeds, 30 July, Leeds

    The Universe Explained, Gorilla, 20 July, Manchester

    Science Showoff!, The Miller, 17 July, London

    Speak Easy Spoken Word, Sheffield Hallam University 25 June, Sheffield

    Specialist Factual New Talent Pitch, Docfest 12-16 June, Sheffield

    Adventures in Menstruating: This Time It's Personal: Making Menstruation Matter Conference, 8 June, New York

    Hidden Perspectives (Installation), The Workstation, 1 June, Sheffield

    Ask Me Another, World Science Festival, The Bell House, 30 May, Brooklyn

    Period Positive Schools, Centre for HIV and Sexual Health, 21 May, Sheffield

    Ladiyfest Sheffield Presents Mae Martin and Friends! 11 April, Harrison's, Sheffield

    Sheffield Zine Fest and the 1913 Exhibition, 16 March, Electric Works, Sheffield

    The 1913 Exhibition at International Women's Day with Seven Hills WI, 15 March, Electric Works, Sheffield

    Adventures in Menstruating for International Women's Week, 12 March, University of Sheffield

    International Women's Day, 9 March, Sheffield Town Hall

    Pecha Kucha Barnsley, 6 March, Barnsley, S. Yorkshire

    Guest Poet at Away With Words, 21 February, Union Mash Up, Hull

    Holocaust Memorial Day Vigil, 28 January 5 pm at the Winter Garden, Sheffield

    Inspired by HMD, 27 January 7 pm at the Riverside, Sheffield

    1913 Exhibition EXTENDED! 12 - 19 January 2013, APG Works, Sheffield as part of Sheffield City Council Learnfest

    1913 Exhibition Launch, 5 January 2013, APG Works, Sheffield


    The Year in Space: 2012, Speak Easy Sheffield, Hallam Hubs, 18 December

    Shape and Situate Exhibition, 8 December 2012 - 26 January 2013, Space Station 65, London

    Queer Zinefest London, 8 December, Space Station 65

    Seven Hills WI talk, Sheffield, 15 November

    Sinister Zinester Tour Leeds Zine Fair and after party feat. The Copy Scams, Wharf Chambers, 4 November

    Sinister Zinester Tour Zine Reading, Nottingham, 3 November

    Off The Shelf Festival Closing Party and Slam, Queens Social Club, Sheffield, 2 November

    Sinister Zinester Tour Zine Reading, Opus Acoustics, Riverside, Sheffield, 1 November

    Happy Hallow-zine! Sinister Zinester Tour Launch Party, Sheffield, 31 October

    Varsity Slam, Riverside, Sheffield, 23 October

    AntiSlam, Riverside, Sheffield, 19 October

    Off the Shelf Opening Party, The Forum, Sheffield, 14 October

    Do It Thissen, Festival of the Mind, Sheffield, 22 September

    We Are Poets + Wordlife, The Lantern Theatre, Sheffield, 21 September

    Zine Reading, Chameleon Arts Cafe, Nottingham, 15 September

    20x20 Exhibition Preview, Access Space, Sheffield, 14 September

    Fanzine Forum, WEYA/Cultural Olympiad, Nottingham, 12 September

    Other Voices: Alternative Spoken Word Cabaret, Edinburgh Fringe Venue 156, 6 - 13 and 19 - 22 August

    TEDx Sheffield, The Crucible Studio, 12 June

    Slam Bam Thank You Ma'am Anti-Jubilee Edition, The Riverside, Sheffield, 5 June

    Ladiyfest Presents: A Queer Special, The Harland Cafe, Sheffield, 1 June

    Josie Long's #ARTour, outside Sheffield Cathedral, 22 May

    Pecha Kucha #10, Sheffield Cathedral, 10 May

    Now Then Magazine 4th Birthday Party, The Riverside, Sheffield, 6 May

    Knife and Folk: Art Fair and Exhibition, APG Gallery, Sheffield, 28 April

    Read It, Then Tweet It: World Book Night, Rutland Arms, Sheffield, 23 April

    Queer Memoir: Inlaws and Outlaws, QEJ, NYC, 7 April

    The Varsity Poetry Slam, The Riverside, Sheffield, 24 March

    International Women's Day Women What Tech, The Forum, Sheffield, 8 March

    Pecha Kucha #9, Burton Street Project, Sheffield, 23 February

    Slam Bam Thank You Ma'am Anti-Valentine's Edition, The Riverside, Sheffield, 13 February

    Playing for Laughs at the Leicester Comedy Festival, 4 February


    New York Comedy Club, NYC, 22 December

    Now Then Presents Opus Acoustics vs Wordlife at The Riverside, Sheffield, 1 December

    Ladiyfest Sheffield:
    All-dayer, comedy zine readings and Pub Quiz - Sunday, 13 November @The Rutland Arms

    Rutland Cycling Club Annual Awards Ceremony
    The Lescar, Sheffield, 12 November

    Sheffield Off the Shelf Festival:
    Dead Poets Slam - Tuesday, 11 October @The Lescar:
    Slam Bam Thank You Ma'am - Monday, 24th October @The Riverside
    Skype Me! - Saturday, 29th October @The Showroom


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