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Chella’s performing her comedy show, Adventures in Menstruating in London for the the WOW Festival on 11 March 2017!

This show sold out at the Sheffield Off the Shelf Festival and the Manchester Women in Comedy Festival, had a sell-out (well… full up – it was the Free Fringe) five star run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (and had a couple of other lovely reviews and mentions), and here is an

unmissably large ticket link because advance booking is highly recommended!

Check out the event listing here!

Chella recently provided the expert voice in a BBC Radio 4 doc about menstrual taboos, A Bleeding Shame, presented by Woman’s Hour’s Jane Garvey and first airing Friday 24 June at 11 am. Revisit the link for updates on further airings.

About Chella:

Chella Quint is a comedian, producer, designer, artist, presenter and education researcher from Brooklyn, New York who now lives in Sheffield, England. She coined the phrase #periodpositive in 2006 and founded the campaign which has spread around the world like a really big, friendly taboo-breaking period stain. She is a former head of PSHE and is now a teacher researcher with the Gender Respect Project after completing a Master’s Degree in Education focusing on changing attitudes to menstruation in secondary schools. Her research has an accompanying #PeriodPositive project and website, and her five-star Edinburgh fringe show, Adventures in Menstruating, will be touring later this year. Chella’s design portfolio is hosted here.

A lot of her work focuses on science and the environment, health promotion, media literacy, current events, sustainability and social justice, and she regularly works with charities and the public sector to advise, design educational materials and deliver workshops on challenging and controversial topics.  She has worked frequently with The Sex Education Forum of the National Children’s Bureau and with Sexpression:UK. She developed new art for Sheffield as part of her Urban Turbines installation during Sheffield’s Festival of the Mind 2016.

Chella was the Off the Shelf Slam Champion 2014, winner of the Sheffield Hallam Prove It award, the Sheffield Docfest 2013 Specialist Factual New Talent Pitch winner (for which she wrote and presented Lifting the Lid, a short film about menstruation education for the Open University), and often presents and provides research for segments on science and education at live events and for film and radio. Her spoof fashion line, STAINS™, was featured in the highly acclaimed BLOOD exhibition at Science Gallery, Dublin in 2015.

She frequently performs and comperes science communication comedy and improv shows, and creates interactive installations in the UK and abroad (check her schedule above for past and upcoming work), she is a regular contributor to the Manchester Science Festival, hosted the live-streaming  Comedy Collider show, No cause for conCERN, from CERN in Geneva as part of their 60th anniversary celebrations,  developed and performed a show based on her #IJustNeedSpace fanzine for the Institute of Physics as part of the Off the Shelf Festival, and intermittently tours her comedy show featuring other funny women in physics, Comedy in Space. She is a regular panelist on Live-ish with Bernie Clifton for BBC Radio Sheffield, and is a frequent contributor to a number of UK podcasts and live standup improv shows, mostly in the North.