Chella Quint wearing a 'Votes for Women' rosette.

Chella Quint is a writer, designer, performer, educator, and the UK’s leading expert on menstruation literacy.

She is the founder of #periodpositive and researches shame and taboo. 

“Chella Quint is a force of nature.”

– Shami Chakrabarti, Of Women: In the 21st Century

Everything you wish you’d been taught in school (but probably weren’t)! Read a review of this five-star interactive touring comedy show and get in touch about future bookings.
Chella coined the term ‘period positive’ in 2006!
Period Positive is now an award, curriculum model and framework for creative and inclusive menstrual literacy.
Chella co-hosts the annual Sheffield Zine Fest and is available for zine-making workshops in Sheffield and online!