Free stuff

Here are some things I’ve made to share. You can use them as long as you don’t sell them or take my name off of them, because that would be mean, and also because some of them are trademarked (For reals! For comedy and also for reasons!). Check back for new stuff every now and again.  – Chella

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Be a fashion (and comedy) icon and join in with STAINS™!

The first STAINS™ #flashblob took place on Friday 28th August at 6pm on The Royal Mile in Edinburgh as part of #edfringe. If you couldn’t be there in person, you can still download a STAINS™ stain from and post a selfie using the hashtag #periodpositive. Follow @periodpositive for details.

Download your own STAINS™ iron-on printable and patterns to cut out and keep here. (STAINS™ is actually trademarked. I know! That’s hella real for a spoof brand, but it’s for a good cause. Find out about licensing at

Here’s a little Valentine’s Day helper I shared at Sweet FA this month- a mini zine for you to use and share, with love heart templates, silly list prompts and ridonculous poetry starters.

emergency valentine zine

This next one isn’t a download – it’s an invitation:

Elevenses Dances Party is a work break hip shake. Come dance with us! Whenever I  remember (and I’m working hard on that) on weekdays at 11 am BST/GMT, there will (sometimes) be a video posted to this tumblr account – usually Motown/Funk/Soul/Calypso/Twotone/Dance/Swing/Doo-wop – with the video length posted so you know how long you’ll be stepping away from your work. Earlier seasons are left up so if there isn’t a new post, you can log in at 11 am anyway and pick a song from the archives!

More stuff:

Here’s a #GBBINGO bingo game  and a Bake Off drinking game for #GBBO! 

Here is a #eurobingo game you can play as you watch Eurovision.

This is the the Day of the Doctor watch along bingo set I shared for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: DAY OF THE BINGO

And here’s the Christmas bingo set my friends requested for Time of the Doctor: TIME OF THE BINGO.

I made the bingo sets to test out Canva  – it was quite fun!

I put this mini-zine Haggadah together for a friend’s Passover Seder. It’s meant to be secular, social justice-themed, non-alcohol/vegan/vegetarian friendly, and simple enough for the youngest guests, who were nearly 4 and nearly 9. It also rhymes, and I’m sure that if I’d decided more then 15 hours before the Seder to put it together, that it might even have scanned as well! Hurried effort though it was, I was delighted to hear that a friend in Bristol decided to have a Seder on the spur of the moment when I posted this on Facebook, and that an old friend whom I’d visited one Passover took it on a long car ride to share at their family Seder. A few other friends have asked for it since, so here it is, and I’d be happy for you to use it or share it next year.